Hi there! My name is Ashton Mays and just like you, I am sick of 2020. This year has brought a lot of heartache, disappointment, and mainly stress to a lot of us! But amid all uncertainty, it has brought some peace, strength, determination, and discipline to our lives as well. I want to work with you! No, I am not saying I can fix you. That will depend on you! I believe you can fix yourself with the proper resources aka me! Let me help you fix whatever is hindering you from BEING AMAYSN (AMAZING). B Amaysn offers resources that support your mind, body, and soul! I know you have heard the term mind over matter. It is time we start programming our minds to work independently of the world and focus on our goals, ambitions, and personal strengths. There is a fighter in you and I know it is waiting to be unleashed! Let’s drop the excuses together and work towards pushing ourselves to be more than what we ever could imagine. Click on the get started tab to schedule your consultation with me! I can’t wait to talk to you!  

What is B Amaysn?

B Amaysn is a lifestyle. B Amaysn's #1 goal is to Activate, Motivate, Affirm, Yoke, Spark, and Nourish your "B". What does it take to be the healthiest you? Through resources tailored to support your AMAYSN lifestyle, B Amaysn is here to support you in accomplishing the best version of yourself. 

Life Coaching

A coach is someone you can trust to push you to break barriers that you never thought could be broken. I am here to assist with the navigation process to get you to YOUR paradise. The uniqueness of your story makes you already qualified for whatever you want to do. Let's do it!


I believe in having a strong foundation. The questionnaire is designed to really get down to what you want to accomplish. I want you to be 100% with your answers. This will help us get started. 



There are no wrong answers. 

No one will see these answers. 

Your answers will help us create a step by step roadmap to your goals.

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“Not sure if you should take a position or stay where you are? Let’s weigh your options together and talk it through”